How The Yum-Yum Came To Be - The Yum-Yum Snack Shop & Cafe


Ever since moving to the Fork Shoals community in 1986, we have enjoyed doing what we can for this special corner of Greenville County. Our latest desire was to bring a long-simmering idea to light: open a small snack shop where folks can gather for a little bite…and a lot of friendly community spirit. And what better place to do that but in a historic mill house that needed some TLC!

One of our first decisions was to choose a name – and that was easy.  Years ago when our three sons were young, we would spin bedtime stories for them. They were on-going tales that featured three brothers (of course) who were named “Ike,” “Mike,” and “Mustard.”  During one “chapter,” the boys started a business.  Believe it or not, it was a small snack shop…and yes, they called it “The Yum-Yum Snack Shop!”

So what started as a mere children’s story has – very unintentionally – become a bit of reality in Fork Shoals. Even touches of “Ike,” “Mike,” and “Mustard” live on in the shop today – along with memories & memorabilia from the deep-rooted local history.

There were many hurdles to cross to turn this faded mill house into a welcoming snack shop & café, but our wish finally came true! We are extremely happy to be able to open our doors and share The Yum-Yum spirit with you!

Each brother in the story has a room dedicated to him in the shop



Would you like to hear about some of what it took to create The Yum-Yum?  Well, here’s a crumb or two…









First, we want to thank the Fork Shoals community for their overwhelming enthusiasm.  Many, many people have been encouraging – convincing us that a snack shop & cafe was very needed and wanted in this area.  Some even pitched in to help, too!  All that nudging and elbow grease definitely invigorated us to keep going.

As for the actual steps to completion, it may have seemed like a slow go.  And in some ways it was.  But to think the decision to “let’s really do it” gelled only about a year prior to opening and the details evolved tremendously since then, we didn’t poke along that slowly.  If nothing else, we sure hope you find the end result worth it!

Here are a few of the things we did over the past year…

~ Acquired the property and cleaned it up
~ Designed the layout…and then fine-tuned it here ‘n there
~ Researched the needs & requirements
~ Talked with professionals…and then talked some more
~ Created an LLC
~ Went on “reconnaissance trips” to similar shops to learn from them
~ Hired contractors…and then more
~ Scoped out equipment & supplies
~ Met with DHEC and County Codes…a lot
~ Started demolition and renovation
~ Ran into several bumps in the road…but didn’t let them throw us off course
~ Received permit approvals
~ Installed a new commercial septic system
~ Graded the lot for a driveway & parking
~ Created this website!

Then we tackled a few more things…

~ Replaced & upgraded all plumbing
~ Improved the entire electrical system
~ Installed & finished all sheetrock
~ Poured a special parking spot & sidewalk (with an etched tribute to our 3 inspirations)
~ Designed & ordered signage
~ Built an access ramp
~ Added duct work & insulation
~ Installed kitchen cabinets & countertops
~ Painted the interior (oh, so colorful now!)
~ Spread crusher run on driveway & general parking area
~ Installed lights & fans
~ Bought all furniture (gently used)
~ Had a ‘coffee tasting’ to choose various roasts from our vendor (what a fun time!)
~ Replaced some siding
~ Laid flooring in the kitchen (good ol’ classic black & white tiles!)
~ Decided on ice cream, soft drink, & coffee providers (yum-yum!)
~ Replaced the roof (bye-bye old shake shingles)
~ Finished the heart pine floors (gorgeous!)
~ Moved in furniture (it’s looking quite welcoming now!)
~ Hired some good help
~ Landscaped (really sets off the shop!)
~ Acquired all permits (it’s been a loooong road)
~ Installed & activated security system
~ Added more parking spaces
~ Cheered when the vendors delivered their goods
~ Replaced the heating unit (after a sudden breakdown)

And now we’re very ready and happy to …